Clipper Wheel Resurfacing Prices
Ace Sharpening & Co takes great care in how your clipper wheel is
resurfaced. The lathe compound that cuts the taper on your wheel
has been completely rebuilt from the ground up by a professional
machine re-builder in Detroit Michigan.

The ways have been hand scraped to within 1/10 of a thousandth
which is the closest tolerance possible. The screw and the nut have
been replaced with a new screw and a new nut. The compound is
tight and true and has no play anywhere; it cuts a straight and true
taper that is very smooth.

The reason I tell you this is because as the clipper wheel is the heart
of your sharpening operation the compound that cuts the taper on
your wheel is the heart of your clipper wheels taper. If the taper is off
even a little then your blades will not cut like they should.

There is more to cutting a perfect taper than just the compound, but
you have to start with a compound that is up to the task otherwise
everything else is in vain. I learned this the hard way; as a result I will
never allow my compound to ever be compromised in any way. It is
the heart of the whole matter when it comes to clipper bade

That said Ace Sharpening & Co has the best prices for resurfacing
your clipper wheels. Here is how it works, there are t
wo price ranges
that your wheel will fit into according to size, single side
d, or double

Resurfacing prices

(Turnaround time is two to three days)

1.        $150.00 plus shipping - 10” to 12” double sided wheels and
"single sided wheels of any size".

2.        $200.00 plus shipping - 14” to 24” double sided wheels with
the same taper on both sides or with a taper and a true flat side

True flat, there is never an extra charge for a true flat side or
on your clipper wheel.

4.        Free Modifications -To change your one sided clipper wheel
to a double sided clipper wheel there is no extra charge. 1. And 2.
Will apply depending on the size of your clipper wheel.

5.        Hubs – If you need a new hub for your clipper machine
hubs are $85.00 each (for standard size hubs.) Custom size
hubs are $100.00 (plus the cost of new tooling if needed to make it.)
Questions? Call me; 816-510-8744