8" Scissor Sharpening Machine
This is the 8" diamond wheel, variable speed scissor sharpening machine built from the ground up for sharpening
scissors to blunt cut
, and/or to sharpen beauty scissors for slide cutting. This machine is the only machine out there that
will sharpen every type of scissor correctly.
From dog groomers, to barbers, sewing, industrial scissors, and stylists at
the beauty salons.
All of these customers (except beauty salons) want their scissors sharpened to blunt cut. Most
sharpeners out there don't realise it, but only beauty scissors should be sharpened to side cut. If you learn how to
sharpen scissors to blunt cut, you will have a huge advantage over your competition who sharpen all scissors the same
as they sharpen beauty scissors.
Scissors that are sharpened to blunt cut will cut a straight line every time without
pushing any hair, they are silky smooth to the feel and can be set loose for people who may be developing or already
have corporal tunnel.
Again, scissors sharpened to blunt cut are for every type of scissor except beauty scissors which
must be sharpened to slide cut,
big difference in these two methods!

For those who purchase this machine you will receive a free eBook on sharpening scissors to blunt cut. In it you will
learn how and why it was necessary to develop this method of scissor sharpening, and how it can improve your scissor
sharpening business especially for barbers and dog groomers. For stylists who want their  beauty scissors sharpened to
slide cut this machine will work perfectly using the tried and true Wolf method of sharpening beauty scissors. You will
need to purchase the wolf convexing clamp,
(which comes with instructions, and a video on how to sharpen beauty
and an 8" 1000 grit diamond wheel for perfectly convexed beauty scissors

One on one training is the best way to learn scissor sharpening so please click the training tab for more information on
how you can receive one on one training at an affordable price at my heated and air conditioned work shop right here in
Kansas City Missouri.
Arms and arm yoke
are fully adjustable for
precise arm
adjustments making it
easy to buff exactly on
the grinding bevel.
This is critical for
precision sharpening.
8" diamond wheels for a smaller hollow
in the grinding bevel creating a
stronger sharp edge than what is
possible with smaller 5" grinding wheels.
On the right side of the machine you can see
the belt drive from the variable speed DC moto
and the two buffing wheels.
Price:  $1050.00

(Complete machine setup for sharpening grooming, barber, sewing, and industrial scissors)
Hubs on both ends of the motor shaft are  
dead on straight  ensuring there will be no
wobble of the sharpening wheels ensuring
precision scissor sharpening you can count on.
Diamond wheels are
100% concentration of
diamonds coated
especially for dry
cutting. Unlike other
wheels that are only
50%, 100%
concentration means
your diamond wheels
will last for many years
of continuous every
day use.
The stainless steel fully adjustable arm yoke allows for
perfect alignment of the scissor bevels from the grinding
wheel on the left over to the hard fiber buffing wheel on the
right. This ensures a precision grind and buff every time.
You can see the set screw for
the adjustable up and down
clamp post for adjusting the
scissor bevels precisely.
The switch in front of the base will turn the
powerful led light on and off. If you use the
momentary foot pedal then leave the light switch
in the "on" position so when you press the foot
pedal the motor will come on to the  preset speed
you have chosen, and the light will come on as
The flint hard
buffing wheel is
for buffing
ergonomic, user
, scissor
tips, and the
slightly larger
hard fiber buffing
wheel on the
right is for
buffing the bevel
on grooming
scissors to a
silky smooth
super sharp
cutting edge that
groomers love.
Easy on/off hand nuts on both ends, require
no tools
to remove or to replace the grinding
wheels, or the buffing wheels.
The Hard fiber buffing wheel will
not roll the sharp edge like the
softer buffing wheels. Rolling the
edge with a soft buffing wheel will
dull your customers scissors.
Foot pedal not included.
(It costs more to ship it
than to buy it)
At the top of the machine you can see
the control box for the DC motor, the
adjustable led light, the
DC motor
on/off switch, and the variable speed
control knob.
Precision hub with drive pin to drive
and hold the diamond wheel in place
and to prevent the hand nut from
coming lose when the machine is in
reverse mode.
The set screws on the ends
of the pivot points of the
arms allow you to adjust the
tension on the arms, not to
tight, and not too lose.
You can see the reverse
switch below the motor
on/off switch.