Why sand cast clipper wheels and not clipper wheels made from
rolled long grain aluminum plate? First cast aluminum is not long
grain in structure it is granular. This is important because of how the
two different types of aluminum machine on a lathe. When
machining long grain plate aluminum the material comes off in long
spirals, as the aluminum is cut pent up tension within the plate is
released causing a small amount of warpage on the surface of the
wheel as the material is removed. This warpage makes it extremely
hard to get a perfect flat cut. Unlike long grain rolled aluminum plate
cast aluminum is granular and not pressed with heavy rollers so
there is much less tension within the material.

When cutting cast aluminum on a lathe the material comes off in
grains like sand and not long spiral strips so the cut is not
hampered with any of the same tension problems of long grain
aluminum. Cutting cast aluminum results in a much truer smoother
cut than what you get with long grain aluminum plate.
Second cast aluminum can be hardened as hard as steel. For
instance Ace sand cast clipper wheels are made of 319 cast
aluminum and hardened to a Brinell hardness of #150 which is
equal to a Rockwell hardness of 80HB on the “B” scale. That is
harder than most stainless steel scissors made and it is the hardest
cast aluminum you can get. There is nothing else out there that is
harder than hardened 319 cast aluminum.

If you try to purchase plate aluminum that is anywhere near that
hard you will find the price is so high that it would not be practical to
purchase it for making a clipper wheel because no one could afford
to buy it. Hardened cast aluminum on the other hand is much
cheaper making these clipper wheels far superior to any long grain
plate aluminum clipper wheel out there.

So why is hardness important? Longevity, the harder the aluminum
is the longer the clipper wheel will last and the longer the clipper
wheel lasts the more blades you will be able to sharpen on it before
it needs to be resurfaced it is as simple as that.

Third, Andis and Oster make their professional clipper wheels out of
cast aluminum for all of these same reasons, but there is a problem,
Andis and Oster clipper wheels are full of air bubbles. These air
bubbles in the cast aluminum makes the wheel lighter, but the
random air bubbles also causes their clipper wheels to be
unbalanced. To remedy this unbalance Andis and Oster will usually
only surface one side of the wheel and then attach lead weights to
the underside of the wheel to balance the wheel.

This works, but then when the wheel needs to be resurfaced again
the aluminum is cut once again exposing more air bubble cavities.
This throws off the balance so the wheel will then have to be re-
balanced again after each resurfacing. If not done correctly the
wheels will vibrate (sometimes very violently) until they are balanced.

When these companies make a double sided clipper wheel you will
see holes drilled directly into the outer edge of the clipper wheel.
This is the only way to balance a double sided clipper wheel, so  
then every time the wheel is resurfaced the holes have to be either
drilled deeper or worse yet more holes will have to be drilled on the
opposite edge to get the wheel back in balance. By the time the
wheel has been resurfaced a few times the edge of the wheel will be
full of holes.

Ace sand cast clipper wheels are purposely made with no large air
bubble cavities in the body of the clipper wheel. The only thing you
might see are a few very small pin holes, but nothing that will throw
the wheel off balance after it has been surfaced or resurfaced.
What this means is that you will never have to balance your clipper
wheel after it has been re-surfaced, there will be no holes drilled in
the edge of the wheel and of course there will be no lead weights
attached under the wheel to balance it.

All together three good reasons (and on the next page you will find
even more reasons) that make these clipper wheels superior to any
other brand clipper wheels out there.
Sand Cast Clipper wheels