6" Scissor Sharpening Machine
This is the 6 inch diamond variable speed scissor sharpening machine. It is the only scissor sharpening
machine available anywhere that can sharpen every type of scissor made, from heavy industrial scissors to
very delicate high end beauty scissors and thinners to even the very tiny surgical scissors. For industrial,
barber, and dog grooming scissors the 6 inch diamond vertical wheels are unmatched in their ability to
produce the highest quality blunt cutting edges possible. For high end beauty scissors (for slide cutting) the
right and left hand flat hone head assembly and easy convexing clamp make sharpening beauty scissors
effortless for even the beginner sharpener.  If you are looking for a scissor machine that can do it all there
simply is no other machine available that can sharpen every type of scissor, from blunt cutting to slide cutting.
Unlike other scissor sharpening machines this machine was designed from the ground up to do it all.
Arms and arm yoke
are fully adjustable for
precise arm
adjustments making it
easy to buff exactly on
the grinding bevel.
This is critical for
precision sharpening.
6" diamond wheels for less hollow in
the grinding bevel creating a stronger
sharp edge than what is possible with
5" grinding wheels.
On the right side of the machine you can see
the precision finger brake/hub assembly along
with the three buffing wheels.
Foot pedal for easy
wheel speed control.
(Complete machine ready to sharpen grooming and bevel edge beauty scissors.)
Hubs on both ends
of the motor shaft
are  dead on
straight  ensuring
there will be no
wobble of the
sharpening wheels
ensuring precision
scissor sharpening
you can count on.
Diamond wheels are 100%
concentration of diamonds coated
especially for dry cutting, no water is
necessary for these diamond wheels.
Unlike other wheels 100%
concentration means your diamond
wheels will last for many years of
continuous every day use.
Easy off hand nuts on both ends
of the drive shaft make it quick
and easy to change sharpening
wheels using only your hands.
Stainless steel
fully adjustable
arm yoke.
centering pin
on each end
of the motor
shaft for flat
hone head
The post that the scissor
clamp sits on is adjustable
up and down for precise
clamp height adjustment.
Shows the aluminum finger brake on the
left, and the buffing wheels from left to right
are the professional buffing wheel, the flint
hard buffing wheel, and the hard fiber
buffing wheel.
The  professional buffing wheel and the flint hard
buffing wheels are for shaping and buffing user
friendly scissor tips. The hard fiber buffing wheel
is for buffing the bevel on grooming scissors to a
silky smooth super sharp cutting edge that
groomers love.
Easy off hand nut
no tools required!
The hard fiber buffing wheel will
not roll the sharp edge like the
softer buffing wheels. Rolling the
edge with a soft buffing wheel will
dull your customers scissors.
Foot pedal not included
Unfortunately many sharpeners out in the field do not realize that there is a big difference in the way scissors
for dog groomers, barbers, industrial scissors, and stylists that cut men's hair only are sharpened.  They
believe all scissors are sharpened exactly the same so they sharpen all scissors for these people the same
way they sharpen beauty scissors. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Only stylist using beauty scissors
want their scissors to slide cut, all others want their scissors to blunt cut! This is very important and cannot be
stressed enough. Scissors that are sharpened to blunt cut will cut a straight line without pushing any hair, they
are silky smooth to the feel and can be set loose for people who may be developing or already have corporal
tunnel. People who cut women’s hair want their scissors to slide cut, and not push any hair. For those who
purchase this machine you will also receive a free eBook explaining how, why, and when to sharpen scissors
to either blunt cut or slide cut.