Where To Buy Sharpening Supplies


Wheel Quality Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide


Here is the link to where I get my brown fused Aluminum oxide http://www.kcabrasive.com/index.php?PAGE=products


When you call, tell them you want #180 (for A-5 clipper blades) & #240 grit (for smaller clipper blades) brown fused aluminum oxide. Tell them you are a clipper blade sharpener, and they will know what you want. Their phone number is; 913-342-2900 you can purchase a minimum order of ten pounds at approximately $2.49 per pound.


Lard Oil


 I get my lard oil from a company called Master Carr. Here is the link; http://www.mcmaster.com/  the lard oil is only about $12.00 for one gallon. One gallon will last a couple years. When you get on to their page just type in the part number and click on go, and it will take you to the lard oil. The part number is; #1308K4. When you are ready to place an order, call them on the phone, and give them the part number. Tell them you want just one gallon. The phone number I have is 1-630-833-0300 it has been over a year since I have called them. If this number is wrong, then use the one on their website.



Magnets & Scissor Holders For Scissor Sharpening Machines


 There is a large, and a small magnet for holding cutters. I use both, I use the larger magnet (22lb pull) for holding the combs and horse blades, and the smaller (13lb pull) magnet for holding the top cutters. When you purchase a clipper sharpening machine from Ace Sharpening & Co you will receive one of the small 13lb magnets with your machine.


 I addition to magnets and scissor holders, you also can get diamond wheels, Sharpening machines, and quite a few other sharpening supplies from Foley Belsaw. The link is; I was not as happy with the quality and price of their diamond wheels, but it is still a good place to buy sharpening supplies.

  Wolf Industries also has everything that Foley Belsaw has for shear sharpening, and clipper blade sharpening including machines. The link is; http://www.wolffind.com/


DMT Diamond Hones


 DMT uses distributors to sell their diamond hones. Here is the link to where I get mine; http://www.lie-nielsen.com/catalog.php?sku=DMT  they have two hones that work well. One costs $120.00, and the other one is $65.00. I have both, and I would recommend the one for $65, 00, if you get the $120.00 hone get the one that has 600 fine grit on one side and 1200 extra fine grit on the other side. You don’t really need the 1200 extra fine grit side. That is why I recommend the $65.00 hone because it only has the 600 fine grit on the one side. When you get to their website call the phone number and tell them what you are looking for.




  Here is a link to Shars Tools http://www.shars.com/products/view/120/DeMagnetizer you can get a demagnetizer here for $39.95. I have a demagnetizer from this seller and it is just as good as the one I paid top dollar for.


MSC also sells demagnetizers their link is; http://www1.mscdirect.com/CGI/N2DRVSH?SITYPE=1&SITEXT=demagnetizer&KNC-T7L391316886 they have one called the Phase 2 for $72.50, and also a cheaper one for $66.00.



 This list of suppliers is only intended to help you get started. I am sure there are many other great places to buy the things you are looking for. I have found these particular places to fill all of my sharpening needs. If you are unfamiliar with where to get your supplies then this information could save you a lot of time and money.


Clipper Parts


   Here is the link to Huffs wholesale; www.groomingclippers.com Phone: 800-664-8337 Huff’s is a great place to buy all of your parts for clippers. Give them a call and tell them you are a sharpener, and would like to set up an account with them, and they will sell you all of your parts wholesale. You can also buy new clippers, blades and lots of other cool stuff there.


Or go to; www.ajsalesservice.com for clipper parts and lots of other cool stuff!

Call; 1-800-447-1957 & ask for Tony.


Shears & Parts For Shears


  Here is the link to Wolf Industries; http://www.wolffind.com/ if you want to be a distributor for top quality shears then go to Geib-Buttercut Shear Company; http://www.buttercut.com/ they are the makers of the famous Gator 88 line of grooming shears. If there is no distributor already in your area, then you could become one just by calling and asking.