What you will learn when sharpening grooming scissors is how to
sharpen better then any of your competition. How can I say this?
The answer is simple, Most sharpeners out there do not
understand that there is a
huge difference in how grooming
scissors and beauty scissor
s need to be sharpened. Most every
sharpener knows how to sharpen beauty scissors
pretty good, but
then has no clue how to really sharpen grooming scissors the way
groomers need them to be sharpened
. They either believe or are
taught that
you can put the same edge on a bevel edge grooming
scissor that you put on a bevel edge beauty scissor
. Nothing
could be farther from the truth.
Bevel edge grooming scissors
cannot be sharpened the same as bevel edged beauty scissors
and expect that the groomers will be happy.

Some suspect there is a difference and try to change how they
sharpen grooming scissors, but
they still fail to get them to cut
properly. Here at ACE we will show you exactly how to sharpen
grooming scissors to blunt cut. Beauty scissors need to slide cut,
but grooming scissors, barber, and industrial scissors all need to
blunt cut. When a scissor is sharpened to blunt cut it will not slide
cut, instead it will cut a straight line every time. A groomer or
barber does not want to have to make 5 cuts just to get one
straight cut. They want a scissor that is silky smooth, has a loose
set, and cuts a straight line every time!

That is precisely what you will learn, and it will make your
sharpening better than any of your competition on your first day
out. I can say that because my method is unique, it is different
than what any of your competition can do, and will place you in
the top position in your area.

I hear
this from all my trainees; "None of the sharpeners in my
area can compete with me!" The reason is simple, the competition
simply does not know how to sharpen grooming scissors to blunt
cut. Once you learn this method, you will blow your competition
out of the water, and they will not be able to compete with you, or
be able to copy your method. You will be unique in your area. The
scissor machines that I make and sell are made specifically for
(and all other) type of sharpening.

All training is $300.00 per eight hour day from 9:am to 5:pm. It
normally takes between two to three days to learn how to sharpen
both grooming and beauty scissors. Clipper blades sharpening
takes between one half day to one day to complete. The same
goes for clipper repair. Clipper blade sharpening and clipper
repair training can usually be learned in one day.
Clipper blade training is free with the purchase of any new clipper
To set up an appointment for training please call my cell # below
so we can set a date for your training. All training takes place at
my heated/air-conditioned shop located at:

11030 N Charlotte Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64155
Phone: 816-220-8428
Cell: 816-510-8744