Flat Hone Attachment

The easy spin on flat hone assembly quickly transforms this machine into a true flat hone
scissors sharpening machine that easily convexes, and sharpens both right and left hand
beauty scissors, but without the high price associated with these type of scissor machines.
     The flat hone assembly for sharpening convex beauty scissors = $125.00
     The convexing clamp for perfect convexed beauty scissors
6" magnetic head
3/16" centering pin to center the
6" metal sharpening disks.
Flat hone head screws onto the left
side for sharpening right hand beauty
The same flat hone head also screws
onto the right side for sharpening left
hand scissors.
Proper orientation for sharpening right
hand beauty scissors with the sharp
edge pointing down in the direction of
rotation same as on any flat hone
For convexing beauty scissors you will
also need to buy the convexing clamp
for doing perfectly convexed
beauty scissors.
Note: Convexing clamp is not pictured.
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