8" DC scissor sharpening
This DC variable speed motor is run off of 110v AC current that is then converted
to DC voltage within the unit itself allowing the 1/2 hp motor to use very little
current. (Only 38 to 48 watts. The TAS uses 138 watts!) The DC motor is high
torque and the variable speed range of this motor is from  240 rpm to 3400rpm
and everything in between.  It has it own on/off switch, but can be used with the
momentary foot switch to control on and off. (Recommended) The variable speed
dial stays where you set it. As you cans see in the pictures below all of the
controls are at your finger tips within easy reach.

To sharpen left hand scissors simply  switch the diamond wheel over to the right
side of the machine .The clamp is also made to do either left or right hand
scissors simply by removing the clamp post and attaching it to the other side of
the clamp body making a mirror image of the right hand orientation. (see close up
of clamp)

This machine sharpens every type of scissor out there including beauty,
grooming, industrial, and sewing scissors. No other single machine can sharpen
every type of scissor and knives as well.  

If you are a mobile sharpener or you just want to sharpen in your workshop this
machine is definitely for you.

(This is the machine I am currently using